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Dental Implant in Lexington, MA

In Lexington, MA, dental implant replacements can be provided by the oral care practitioners at Icon Dental. Whether your tooth is missing because of gum disease, decay, or an injury, the tooth implants can fill in the gaps. The implants look and function just like your real teeth. Plus, they are stronger than other options like bridges or dentures.

If you would like to learn more about your options for implants, feel free to speak with a member of our friendly and helpful office staff. They can explain the procedure and the materials used. One of our dentists may want to take digital x-rays of your mouth in order to study its size and shape. This will help them to understand how to customize your new teeth. Then, the structural integrity of your mouth can be restored.

Once this procedure has taken place, you can expect the dentist to give you oral hygiene tips and suggestions. We genuinely care about the health of your smile, and we want to make sure that you tend to your new teeth properly.

Contact us today if you would like to learn more about Lexington, MA dental implant innovations. At Icon Dental, we can offer you a free consultation regarding any type of treatment you need. Whether it involves Invisalign braces, getting cavities filled, or just a cleaning, we can discuss every aspect of the procedure with you and address any concerns you have. We can even offer weekend appointments for your added convenience. Be proactive about keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Call us today!